How to Become a Professional Soccer Player

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Nearly every young athlete shares the same dream.  It typically involves making the big play in front of thousands of fans on the biggest stage and experiencing the ultimate thrill of glory.  Then there’s the money and the fame and all the other wonderful things that come along with being a superstar athlete.  But in reality, very few of us will ever live that dream.  The chances of actually representing your country at a World Cup are slim to none, but yet we each feel special so we should each chase these dreams, right?  Well, here are some tips to help you reach that dream:

Love the game!  First and foremost, you will not succeed in soccer (or any endeavor) if you don’t love to do it.  When you come home from school, your first thought shouldn’t be to see what’s on TV, it should be to go outside and play soccer!  If you simply love the sport, you will naturally play it all the time and get quite good.  Ever wonder why Brazil always has one of the best national soccer teams?  Everyone there plays soccer all the time!  It’s what they do for fun, regardless of whether they ever become professionals.  That type of love and passion is the first step to becoming a great soccer player.

And now there is the hard work, the dedication, and the drive.  No one can simply walk onto a soccer field and dominate.  Just like with skiing or studying calculus, you need to learn and develop, and it takes a lot of time.  The most important thing a young soccer player can do is to get touches on the ball.  The more you play with a soccer ball at your feet, the better your touch will become and the better a soccer player will be.  If you are all by yourself, juggle the ball, and see how high you can kick it while continuing to control it.  You should be doing something soccer related at least one hour per day, everyday.  And remember, you’ll do it because you simply love it, not for anything else.

When playing on a team, try to make the team the best it can possibly be.  Don’t try to steal the show.  Scouts and recruiters will sense this selfish nature and it will hold you back.  You’ll notice that professional soccer players mostly pass instead of trying to take on opponents.  Be a great passer and a great teammate.  Scouts will notice this!  But when it comes down to just you and an opponent, don’t be afraid to take them on.  Use your skills when they are necessary!

Also, be physically fit.  Obviously not all of soccer is thrilling goals and glory.  You need to be in the best possible shape in order to succeed in this game and that means a lot of conditioning.  Unfortunately, most people simply don’t have the physical strength to become pro soccer stars, but you must give yourself a fighting chance by being in top shape.

Sadly, professional soccer dreams don’t work out for everyone.  I never achieved those dreams (sniff sniff), but if you truly put in the time and effort because you absolutely love the game, you will surely give yourself a chance to become a great player.  Work hard, love the game, and never stop fighting!


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