How to Best Watch the 2014 World Cup


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The wonders of the World Cup are now upon us, and games will be set to begin tomorrow, with Brazil taking on Croatia in the opener!  Fans of all 32 nations are building in excitement as their teams are bracing for the matches ahead and the opportunity to earn immortal glory ad the greatest prize in soccer!  But the question now becomes, how does one watch all the games on television?  Fortunately, since the tournament is being held in Brazil the time zone will be pretty close to most American cities, meaning matches won’ be held in the middle of the night or during strange hours.  However, with work schedules and life commitments, watching the matches may be difficult.  Fortunately, technology of our modern times will help ensure that fans can watch most the games at the 2014 World Cup!

The games will get going early in the afternoon on the East Coast, while they will start several hours earlier around 9AM on the West Coast.  With three games each day, they will take place during normal hours, meaning most of the country will have the opportunity to watch every game!  ESPN and ABC will be broadcasting all the games live on TV as well as on their websites so people can watch the matches live, you just need to have a cable username and password for access.  However, there are countless websites throughout the Internet that broadcast games entirely for free (you just have to click off the endless barrage of ads!).

But while watching at home or at work can be a delightful way to embrace the 2014 World Cup, the best manner in which to catch the games involves going down to a local sports bar and watching the game with passionate fans!  With roaring crowds and a strong camaraderie between all the people present, this is the most vibrant way to enjoy the tournament!  Beer runs rampant through endless pitchers while fans chant and sing with the hopes of their country lying in wait on the pitch in Brazil!  With goals and exciting moments a certainty to arrive, this could be the most exciting way to catch a World Cup game.

But for many Americans trapped in the doldrums of a standard 9-5 job, catching the action live will be near to impossible.  Fortunately, the modern world has created DVR, enabling recordings of all the games when you aren’t present at home, so long as you have this remarkable service.  All you have to do is meander through the day while avoiding all media and news outlets/Facebook/Twitter/ or any other facet of media through the TV.  Only then can you return to the warm confines of your home to enjoy your pre-recorded match without knowing the score beforehand!  Even without this modern appliance, there will surely be some late-night repeat showing on the ESPN networks of big matches, and extended highlight shows will help get you up to date on the recent matches.

And so no matter where you are in this country or what your work schedule is like, the 2014 World Cup will be yours to behold, so long as you choose to engage in the world’s greatest sports event!  Be sure to catch as many games as you can and have a joyous time viewing all the games!


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