How to Keep Your Soccer Practices Fun

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Everyone knows that the attention span of a child is rather fickle.  When competing with high tech video games and the flashy movies available in our times, keeping your soccer team entertained at practice can be quite difficult.  As a coach aspires to keep their team interested in the game, some importance needs to be paid in keeping soccer practice fun.  Here are some tips on how.

Create some entertaining mini-games.  One game that I found great as a youth soccer player was the World Cup.  This game involved separating the players into groups of two.  There was one goal and the object of the game was for your partnership to score.  Once achieved, the goal scoring team would sit out for the rest of the period.  The game would continue with the remaining teams until only one was left and they were eliminated.  Each round would progress and eventually there would be a final and a winner determined.

The game is good as players must both defend and attack, and it provides kids a lot of time to focus on challenging defenders as well as shooting.  Also, it is a great game in that there is a competitive feeling and a fun object to aspire to.  With a goal-oriented drill, the practice stays fun and entertaining.

Focus on some shooting drills.  If you see the team down and bored during practice, spark them up with a good shooting session.  Scoring goals is the best part of soccer, and the moment that most children playing the game dream of.  Providing practice time in such a manner keeps up interest and also helps the children work on that most vital area of their skills for those crucial goal-scoring moments.

Most important, however, is the attitude that the coach brings to the practice.  If the session is all business and too much focus is put on winning, children will be turned off.  Youth soccer is about loving the game and having fun after all.  This is not the time to prove your worth and desires as a professional coach.  Keep practice casual and pleasant so that the children love the game.

Bearing that in mind, keep a fun and positive attitude that makes your team want to come to practice and want to play the sport.  Establishing a good array of fun games like World Cup or shooting drills keeps players interested and are great ways of improving skills and camaraderie as well.


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