Olympics Soccer Inspirational to Youths

The Olympic Rings - (Photo: Flickr.com)

The Olympics is one of the finest moments of the sporting world.  Often lost amid the traditional swimming and track events, there is also a soccer tournament occurring.  Watching these soccer games provides a wonderful way to inspire a youngster to want to compete in the sport.

As the Men’s tournament is predominantly U-23, it reveals the up and coming stars of the game.  One such star at these games in Neymar of Brazil, who is destined to be among the world’s best in coming years.

Watching young professionals is a great way to excite your own budding star at home.  The players are representing their countries and are playing for the honor of winning an Olympic medal.  Many of these soccer players are also hoping to catch the eyes of scouts worldwide and gain international prominence at the tournament.

Another reason to watch these games is because this is soccer of the highest entertainment level.  Soccer often gets a bad reputation during the World Cup and other major tournaments because the conservative side of the game comes out.  More mature players are too cautious and weary of making mistakes; thus the matches can often be boring.

The Olympics provides quite the opposite.  There are countless errors committed by the young players which results in vastly open play and many scoring opportunities.  Thus, these are games that everyone can enjoy.  Also, the inclusion of major nationalities and the setting in Great Britain provides the importance of the occasion at the original footballing nation.

For fans of American soccer, be sure to stay tuned to the Women’s tournament, as the USA has looked strong during the group play and is among the favorites for the gold medal.  The women play with their full national side, so fantastic stars like Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach lead the vibrant offense that has been inspiring Americans for years.  If you were lucky enough to catch some of the fireworks from the 2011 Women’s World Cup last summer, the Olympics could provide a similar level of excitement.

During the lazy summer days before the school year approaches, watching some fun soccer is a great way to inspire your children to go outside and play with a ball.  The Olympics only occur once every four years and as such the soccer tournament truly is a rare spectacle to enjoy.  Be sure to stay tuned in as the knockout rounds are set to begin and the intensity level of the matches will be sure to create some great soccer matches.


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