Want to Play in the World Cup? Train Hard Every Day!


The bright lights of the World Cup awaits those who trained hard every day… – (Photo: En.wikipedia.org)

With the 2014 World Cup approaching, kids from all over the world will be tuned in to the action day after day, watching the best soccer players compete for the ultimate prize in the sport.  During this occasion, dreams will be born, filled with great visions of scoring that dramatic goal in the final, representing your country proudly, and living the experience of playing in the world’s finest soccer tournament!  However, as most adults come to realize, dreams of playing in the World Cup don’t often come to fruition.  Only a few hundred people in the entire world get to live this dream every four years!  How can you even get a hope of becoming an international soccer superstar?

The answer is the obvious one: hard work.  What makes soccer such a great sport is that it is the everyman’s game. Players are typically the normal height of the general population, unlike sports such as basketball or football, where enormous players benefit enormously!  World-class soccer players are just like you or me (they might have a cooler designer haircut though!).  What matters in soccer is not just your size but what you can do with a soccer ball at your feet, how fast you can run, and how well you can focus and stay composed.

Lionel Messi is one of the smallest players in the game, but his low center of gravity works to his advantage, and his incredible touch on the ball is what gets him through defenses and scoring goals at his high rate.  The only way to master these skills is to train daily.  The best kids in the world have been playing soccer since they learned to walk, every day.  It’s a part of the culture, not just an extra-curricular activity that their parents chose for them so they could make friends.

Every day is spent playing soccer at the local park with family members, neighbors, and anyone who happens to walk up.  Repeated training builds your muscle memory and helps you develop that wonderful touch.  It also helps you stay in shape and get faster and stronger as a player.

Therefore, if you want to turn your World Cup visions into a reality, get out there and start playing the sport daily.  The last thing of importance that separates the best players is their ability to handle the pressure.  While it looks like a nice, joyous occasion to watch the World Cup from your couch, on the field in front of 70,000 screaming fans and representing your nation in the biggest of soccer games is probably one of the most nerve-wracking experiences imaginable.  One slip-up could ruin the fortunes of your team and the hopes of millions of fellow countrymen.  There needs to be a mentally strong side to your game.  This comes with experience and playing in a competitive league.  As soon as you reach the age of 6 or 7, you should join a soccer league and strive to play with the best opponents possible.  By repeatedly putting yourself in intense games, you may one day be ready to get the call up and represent your country at a World Cup.  Now get outside and start training to live your dream!


  • “What matters in soccer is not just your size but what you can do with a
    soccer ball at your feet, how fast you can run, and how well you can
    focus and stay composed.”

    Excellent point. You don’t need to be bigger or stronger than everyone to be a great soccer player. And while speed certainly plays a roll, stamina is also wildly important! You never stop moving during a soccer game, so sprinters that are only good for 100 yards aren’t going to have an advantage either.

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