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Many companies will tell you how great a job they do. We put numbers to it, so you can actually see the success rates. Don’t let companies fool you with “best and greatest” claims – DEMAND PROOF!

Guaranteed by Game Day: We offer the best track record in the industry and a guarantee to back it up. Your soccer uniforms are guaranteed by game day! Check out how we can offer this guarantee!
Never Discontinued: Lost, stolen, outgrown, new players? No problem! If you need more soccer jerseys, shorts or socks, you can always get more quickly! Protect the investment and have peace of mind your soccer uniforms are safe- today, tomorrow, five years from now. No other company or brand guarantees this!
No Minimums: If your team ordered and you need just one more, you can get it. We’ll print it and ship it quickly, so you can get on the field with your team. Learn about repeat orders
Green Arrow Easy Customization: Why are companies surprised when you request a number and logo for your jerseys? Every team needs it! Personalized soccer jerseys is included free. If you don’t have a logo, you can select from almost 200 great looking and customizable logos for your jerseys.
Green Arrow Reliable Delivery: 98.2% of all orders arrive complete and on-time. Virtually no back orders and no late shipping means no stress for our buyers
Green Arrow Fast Shipping: 87.8% of custom soccer uniforms ship in 10 days. What about the other 12.2%? Those are club orders and people who planned ahead. Virtually no team order is more than 10 days away!
Green Arrow Quality: Industry low 0.15% error/defective rate. This includes any mis-prints, mis-packs or mis-sewn product. With only 1.5 wrong items per thousand, you’ll be delighted with our quality.
Green Arrow Free Printing: Save money! Other companies charge at least $7.00 for a number and logo. You’ll get it for free from Totally Soccer
Green Arrow All Sizes: Uniforms available from Youth X-Small to Adult XX-Large
Green Arrow Colors: Sixteen base colors – you’ll find your team colors. Don’t see your team colors? Design your own soccer jerseys
Green Arrow Styles: Twenty four available styles for Men, Women and Kids – something for everyone!
Green Arrow Experienced Sales Staff: We have roots in the soccer business since 1990. Our tips and tricks will get you onto the fields quickly and easily.
Green Arrow Learn, Inspire and Educate: We want all buyers to succeed! We share our experience with you so you don’t have to endure the headaches and make the same errors! Check out all the guides in the Support Section

Still need some convincing? Check out all these wonderful testimonials from our happy customers.

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    Totally Soccer guarantees your soccer uniforms by Game Day! Buying direct from the factory saves money and speeds delivery. Team turnarounds in 1-10 days with club orders in 1-5 weeks - includes personalization.

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    1. Guaranteed by Game Day
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    Ensure quality, sizing & color match with our sample and swatch program.

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