Camaraderie and Friendship are Keys to Youth Soccer

Camaraderie and Friendship are Keys to Youth Soccer


While competitiveness and the aspirations to become a professional soccer player are some of the main intentions of joining a youth soccer team, there is another reason why tons of kids are signed up for this sport: friendship.  Growing up can be hard for many children, especially as they start […]

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Where is the Best Place to Practice Soccer?


One of the problem facing young soccer players is simply finding a place they can go to and practice.  Often too young too drive, or living in an area too urban without any open grass fields, they never get the chance to simply head outside and perfect their craft.  Who […]

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Is Chelsea Set to Run Away with the English Premier League Title?


Through four English Premier League (EPL) games, Chelsea sits proudly atop the table with 12 points and a perfect record.  They’ve been scoring goals for fun with 10 in the past two games and look to have one of the strongest rosters in the entire world of professional club football.  […]

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Embrace the Cooler Weather that Fall Brings for Soccer


One of the things that makes soccer and other competitive sports so difficult in America is the summer heat.  Anyone looking for an example of how the high temperatures can affect an athlete should recall what happened to LeBron James in Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals, when a […]

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Focus Can Return to Football with Transfer Window Closure


After a long summer full of speculation, surprise transfers, and a whole lot of money changing hands between soccer clubs, the summer transfer window has officially closed.  What it means is that no players will be changing clubs and that club rosters are set for the rest of the calendar […]

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What to Do With a Perpetually Misbehaving Youth Soccer Player


Running a youth soccer team can sometimes be as much of a babysitting job as it is a coaching experience, especially when dealing with very young players (below U-8).  Many kids are pushed into soccer by their parents who need to find something for their children to do, and often […]

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The Importance of Using your Entire Squad in Soccer


A common experience follows the tail end of careers for just about every soccer player who has enjoyed the sport.  Their skills decline, they find a warm spot on the bench, and never get opportunities again.  In remorse they come to terms with their time being up and leave the […]

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Shameful Form Continues for Baffled Manchester United


It’s one thing to stumble out of the English Premier League gates with a loss, which is what happened to Manchester United when they lost the first game of the season to Swansea City.  Nerves, a new manager, heavy legs, and the recovery of many star players used in the […]

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Can You Fool the Referee in Soccer?


While such methods of the dark arts are frowned upon by media critics and the majority of fans (especially those from the opposing team), there are many players that try to fool the referees during soccer games.  The transgressions range from the simple act of writhing on the floor after […]

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Big Transfers Closing Out the Window in European Soccer Leagues


With the hot month of August quickly waning away, the ticking clock of the summer transfer window slowly winds down.  The reality is that in one week’s time, every European club roster will be set in stone.  Now is the time to make those last minute transfers, and we’ve already […]

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